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Rossport Community Hall - Reopening

The Rossport Local Services Board and the Rossport Recreation Committee would like to invite everyone to view the "third renovation" of the Rossport Community Hall on March 18, 2023 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Please join for coffee, tea and cake and to hear stories about the Community Hall.

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Rossport Artisans' Fair - 2023

Spring 2023, date to be announced - 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Rossport Recreational Hall

Entry Fee Per Person: $5.00

Come, see and shop for unique art created by local painters, weavers, potters, jewelry makers and more at the 2023 Rossport Artisans' Fair.  There will be lots to choose from.

Tourism Business Opportunities

Cruise ships passenger experiences business opportunities are available for entrepreneurs.  Please click here for more information.

Rossport Marina Improvement Update

Rossport, ON – Rossport Marina Non-Profit Inc., locally known as the Rossport Dock Committee (RDC), announced the achievement of the next step in its guiding document - The Rossport Marina Scoping Plan: A Three-Year Roadmap to Sustainable Operation and Site Development.  This step is the completion of a structural assessment of the Rossport dock and boat launch.  The assessment was completed in January 2022 by JML Engineering (Thunder Bay), with assistance from Ontario’s Superior Country, a local non-profit destination marketing organization, and was made possible with funding from Parks Canada and Superior North CFDC.  The purpose of the structural assessment was to identify the current physical state of the dock and boat launch areas, and make recommendations for repairs.  “The original dock was constructed over 40 years ago” explained Paul Turpin, RDC President.  “Repairs have been completed over that time, but the dock has deteriorated significantly in the past five years.  The dock is an important part of the community and region and provides a gateway to the National Marine Conservation Area.”

The results of the assessment were reviewed by the RDC and note that the Rossport dock is in poor to very poor condition.  The engineering report states "Based upon the very poor condition of the timber cribs, the dock has reached the end of its useful design life."   The findings of the assessment note that "the east-west leg of the dock is no longer effectively connected to the crib structure below."  Changes in docking at the marina in the short term include the closure to all tying up to the east-west leg of the dock.  “There continues to be limited docking space on the north-south leg of the dock and services (pump-out, water, docking) will be accessible on that section.  The boat launch is open and will operate as it always has.” stated Harbourmaster Bill Collinson.  The costs and process for rehabilitation of the current dock are estimated to be more than half the cost of a replacement structure.  The RDC has decided that replacement of the dock is the most sustainable option.  Cathy Collinson, Secretary/Treasurer of the RDC stated “A new dock allows the committee to consider increased berthing, improved launch facilities, and an improved visitor experience at the Rossport Marina – all priorities identified during the community consultation process held in 2021.”  The next step is to complete a Land Asset Management Plan (LAMP).  This plan is the pre-design study which will include geotechnical work, drawings of the proposed marina layout (washrooms, kiosk, fuel installation, kayak launch, two boat launches, parking, etc.), wharf layout, and costs for all proposed capital projects.  The Rossport Dock Committee, in partnership with Parks Canada, has embarked on the process of completing the LAMP in partnership with FORM Studio, Thunder Bay.  The LAMP will be completed over the fall and winter of 2022-23.  Upon development of the LAMP, a Strategic Plan will be completed which will outline the most efficient and sustainable practices for management of the Rossport marina going forward.



Cathy Collinson


Rossport Marina