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Rossport Harbour Non-Profit Marina Inc.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the Rossport Harbour Non-Profit Marina Inc. will be held at the Rossport Community Hall on Saturday, May 25, 2024 at 1:30 p.m.  The meeting is open to any property owner in Rossport and Nicol Island.  To read a copy of the Agenda for the AGM, please click here.

Rossport Marina Announces Next Steps In Future Development

March 25, 2024


Although the winter is usually a quiet season for marinas, the Rossport Marina has been busy behind the scenes over the 2023-24 winter season.  The Marina’s strategic planning process took place over the fall of 2023, with a final document released in November 2023. The Strategic Plan follows the Marina Asset Management Plan - released in April 2023.

The process was guided and supported by the Board of Directors, key stakeholders, and industry partners.  The Strategic Plan reflects the thoughtful input and insightful recommendations of those who dedicated their time and effort to this initiative.  Karen Jones Consulting Inc. was retained to facilitate the planning process, engage stakeholders, and support the development of the Strategic Plan and funding support was provided by Parks Canada.

As part of the engagement process, key interview participants were recruited. Interviews were conducted amongst eight key stakeholders.  A community and stakeholder survey was also completed by 57 individuals.  The survey asked questions about the type and size of boats owned or planned to be purchased, how visitors would like to stay connected, additional activities or experiences that would attract visitors to the marina, and whether visitors would be interested in participating in volunteer opportunities and/or events.  The survey also asked visitors what brought them to the Rossport area and whether they planned to visit again.  All participants elaborated their perceptions on the importance of

funding and cross-sector engagement.  Equal importance was placed on enhanced community engagement.

Stakeholders interviewed expressed their continued support and interest in being involved in future initiatives and developments led by Rossport Marina Harbour Association.  Key highlights during the interviews included the need to break the large dock infrastructure upgrades into phases including dock demolition as the first phase and the new dock build as the second phase.  Funding projects should include recreation and economic impact and have a local impact.  Opportunities to recruit and attract new businesses should be sought after to support the growing anticipated demand from increased visitation.  New business growth should be both land (accommodations, food & beverage) and water-

based businesses (charters, cruise ships, etc.) and include collaboration with local attractions such as Battle Island.


To provide safe, quality public access to Lake Superior and the Lake Superior

National Marine Conservation Area for both recreational and commercial vessels.


To be a key component of the village’s economy, contributing to the sustainability

of the community, and providing safe, quality access to Lake Superior for the

enjoyment of community members, stakeholders, and the public.


To establish, equip, maintain, operate, and conduct a Marina for the use of the

public including additional recreational facilities and commercial space buildings

necessary and incidental to its use and operations.


Marina Operations

Develop, operate, and maintain seasonal and overnight slips, public launch facilities and boater amenities.

Property Management

Maintain the launch and grounds to a standard that complements the environment and serves the user experience.


Generate self-sustaining revenues through marina fees, fundraising and prudent reserve



Adhere to the by-laws and meet all other legal and regulatory obligations.


Maintain positive relationships with Rossport, Nicol Island, Pays Plat First Nation, Schreiber,

Terrace Bay, the boating public, commercial users, the friends of Battle Island and the Lake

Superior National Marine Conservation Area.

Strategic Goals for the Rossport Marina

Goals have been developed under five priority areas:

1. Operations and Maintenance

2. Infrastructure Development

3. Marketing and Wayfinding

4. Visitor Experience/Product Development

5. Fiscal Sustainability

Current Activities

1. A detailed survey of the land and water lots belonging to the Marina has been completed.

2. Initial costing of Phase 1 of the Marina redevelopment project is complete which includes:

side of the boat launch; and

3. Phase 1 funding applications have been submitted to FEDNOR and NOHFC to support Phase 1 costs.  FEDNOR has approved the Rossport Marina to continue to the Phase 2 application process.

4. Initial preparation for summer 2024 operations are in progress.  The Marina will be open and operational for summer 2024, there continues to be limited docking space on the north-south leg of the dock and services like pump out, water, and docking will be accessible on that section.  The boat launch is open and will operate as it always has.

5. The planning for cruise ship passengers intending to visit Rossport during the summer and fall months (approx. 6 visits in total between June and September) is ongoing in partnership with North of Superior Travel Association (Superior Country).  The Marina is responsible for providing security services for the landing and launching of cruise ship tenders.


Cathy Collinson


Rossport Harbour Non-Profit Marina Inc.


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