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Forest and Outdoor Learning Experiences

that Benefit Children

It was well known before the COVID pandemic that children benefit greatly from having exposure to the outdoors, especially forests.  Post pandemic, further studies have re-confirmed that being outdoors is extremely important and beneficial for children.  The Rossport area provides ample opportunities to enable children reconnect with our natural environment.   Check out this educational guide that provides ideas and techniques to help parents with this challenge.

There's a reason Lake Superior has been referred to as an "inland sea" and there is no better access point to the "Big Lake" than at Rossport

Tourists and visitors to Northwestern Ontario will discover this for themselves when they visit this beautiful great lake. The perfect place to gain access to this very special lake is Rossport, Ontario.  Click on the Village of Rossport Logo to view a video of the Rossport area.

Lake Superior wins the vote on being regarded as the greatest of the Great Lakes on the TVO "Great Lakes Face-Off".  There never was any doubt about Lake Superior being the greatest of the Great Lakes!

The Village of Rossport is the home for approximately 75 residents and the community of  Nicol Island, which is connected to the "mainland" via a causeway, has approximately 35 residents.

Lake Superior is called Gitche Gumee or “Great Sea” by the Anishinaabe people of the region and is known for its furious storms during the winter months and it pristine waters that shimmer like glass during the summer months.  The Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area  is recognized as one of the largest protected areas of fresh water in the world.

The protected waters have become a dream location for kayakers, canoers, and boaters.  The wreck of the Gunilda lies just a few kilometers offshore and is a popular site for technical dives.  The Casque Isle Hiking Trail begins in Rossport.  Other favourite pastimes are hunting, fishing, beachcombing, rock collecting, bird-watching, photography, golfing, and even sand castle building.  For wildlife lovers, there are frequent sightings of deer, moose, bear, red squirrels, chipmunks, bald eagles, humming birds, grouse, Canada Geese, wood ducks, peregrine falcons and blue heron; occasionally one can also observe otter, beaver, owls, pileated woodpeckers, lynx, fox, and wolves.  Winter activities include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and ice fishing, while snowmobilers can enjoy the miles of groomed trails linking the communities of the North Shore and offering the most scenic views and wilderness adventures in Ontario.

One of Canada's Most Spectacular Drives 

A drive along the North Shore of Lake Superior brings you to the picturesque Village of Rossport, two hours east of Thunder Bay or six hours west of Sault Ste. Marie.  

Peacefully nestled on one of the most protected harbours on Lake Superior, the village overlooks the pristine Rossport Islands, part of a huge archipelago designated as Canada's newest Marine Conservation Area.  Described as "a Cathedral without Pillars" and, sometimes, the "Peggy's Cove of the North", the Rossport area is a nature lover's paradise.  

Canada's famous artists, the Group of Seven, drew inspiration from the unique beauty of this area.

Rossport Offers Year-round Accommodations, and Gourmet Dinning, by the shore of Lake Superior.  

Seasonally, one can find patio dining or takeout food, unique gift shops, an excellent pottery shop and also local artisans' work available for sale in the Village.  Kayak and canoe rentals with lessons and guided excursions are also available.  There are numerous options available for accommodations.  For those who prefer to camp, Rainbow Falls Provincial Park offers two locations with full amenities, hiking and beach trails, and swimming.

Rossport, a great destination because...

It offers year round accommodations 

It offers gourmet dining

It has some unique shopping boutiques

It offers great hiking trails

It has camping locations only minutes away

It represents a piece of history

It offers outdoor excursions

It's a nature lover's paradise

Its a dream location for kayakers, canoers, and boaters

The waters are crystal clear

You can fish for the "big one"

Sights and History Of Rossport and Area