Battle Island

Originally built in 1875, Battle Island Lighthouse stands as a sentinel over the open waters of Lake Superior at the eastern entrance to Nipigon Bay.   Battle Island is accessible via boat, kayak or canoe.  The island has a beautiful, calm bay equipped with a dock.  The island is located approximately 13 kilometers from the Rossport Marina.

The island and lighthouse can be visited as part of a full day kayak tour offered by a local service provider.

The island has a beautiful sandy beach on the north side of the island which is great for boating mooring and for swimming.  The south and east side of the island have incredible black rock shorelines and beaches that are fantastic for picnics, rock hounding and exploring.  There is a nice path that leads from the boathouse to the lighthouse site.  The walk goes through an enchanting forest and takes about 15 minutes.

Abandoned truck on Battle Island brought over the ice during a winter freeze.

Donation boxes are located on the site and are used to maintain the facilities.  Donations which are tax deductible for Canadian residents can be made by clicking here.

The island has a calm bay for boat access with a dock that can accommodate two boats.

The lighthouse has become a popular stop for Great Lakes cruise passengers.