Nicol Island


Nicol Island is a separate community from the Village of Rossport.  There are approximately 30 families that live on the island, most being year round residents.  There is no access to Lake Superior from the island for non-residents.  The island is connected to the mainland via a causeway which is a private road along with the other roads on the island and which can only be used with the driver assuming their own risk.  The main road coming onto the island which wraps around the island and comes to a dead-end is called Lloyd Lane.

The roads are maintained by Nicol Island Services Ltd., a private corporation owned by the lot owners and which is operated by a volunteer Board of Directors.

Lots, roads and common lands on Nicol Island. 

The top of the map is North and is where the causeway connects the island to the mainland. The dark grey lines are roads while the light grey areas are common lands owned equally by the lot owners.