The Gravel River, about 25 kilometers west of Rossport, is a beautiful, quiet river with sandbanks and interesting vistas along the way.  The water is warm enough for swimming and there is a good launch site under the TransCanada Highway bridge  with adequate parking on the south side of the highway.  If you paddle far enough north, you can see a nice waterfall.  If you paddle south, you will encounter a beautiful delta as the river enters Lake Superior.  You can also have a nice lunch at the Gravel River Resort which is located very close to the bridge.

The Rossport Islands offer a safe and tranquil area to enjoy your canoe.  You can sneak up on a loon, a bald eagle, a family of otters or maybe a beaver in Little Lake Harbour or in the inlet at the backside of Quarry Island.  If you paddle to the bay on the south side of Quarry Island (the island with the big hump as you look south from Rossport), you can stow (look for the red flag) your canoe on the sandy beach and hike to the island summit to see the Rossport Lookout. 

As you paddle along the island shores, you can observe towering cliffs, land your canoe in one of the sandy bays and perhaps see the local Bald Eagles or Peregrine Falcons that inhabit the area.  If you stay in the moment, you can envision what it must have been like for the First Nations peoples and voyageurs to have passed through this area hundreds of years ago.  For the explorers, this inland sea must have been both confusing and inspirational as they travelled.

If you don't have a canoe, you can rent one from a local service provider.