Rossport Islands

Rossport Islands – source Karina Mora 

The Rossport Archipelago is the largest group of islands on Lake Superior.  Situated immediately off shore from the Village of Rossport, the unique geological features of the islands and fresh water environment have received the recognition of Parks Canada with the creation of the National Marine Conservation Area.  This area is quite significant containing ancient rock formations dating back 45 billion years as well as pristine waterways, shipwrecks, beautiful beaches and historical cultural sites.

Paddling, boating or sailing in the shelter of the islands is a great way to experience the islands.  This is a great destination for people just learning to kayak or canoe as well as for experienced paddlers who want to explore the inter-waterways of the Rossport Islands.  

Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Slate Islands.  Kayak expeditions are available from the local service provider.

This group of rugged islands is one of the places where woodland caribou still roam. The islands are also home to beaver, hare, fox and various shorebirds. Remnants of two indigenous settlements, as well as a former timber operation, are located here.  There is a stunning lighthouse and lighthouse keeper residences that can be toured.

A dock is available for boaters. 

The islands are covered with a southern boreal forest with some arctic-alpine flora. For the most part, the rock is early Precambrian of volcanic and sedimentary origin.  There has been speculation that the central islands are the remains of an ancient meteorite.