If you do not have your own equipment, consider renting from our local outfitter, or take a one or two day course and guided tour of the islands and lighthouse.  Longer expeditions are also available for booking in advance via an online reservation system.

Bring your own kayak and explore the offshore coves, beaches and sea caves. Launch from the park or the harbour.  Stay in the protected waters and enjoy overnight camping on one of the many island sites.  

If you paddle to the bay on the south side of Quarry Island (the island with the big hump as you look south from Rossport), you can beach (look for the red flag) your kayak on the sandy beach and hike to the island summit to see the Rossport Lookout.  

The Gravel River, is about 25  kilometers west of Rossport.   It's a beautiful, quiet river with sandbanks and interesting vistas along the way.  The water is warm enough for swimming and there is a good launch site under the TransCanada Highway bridge  with adequate parking on the south side of the highway.  If you paddle far enough north, you can see a nice waterfall.  If you paddle south, you will encounter a beautiful delta as the river enters Lake Superior.  You can also have a nice lunch at the Gravel River Resort which is located very close to the bridge.